Welcome to the History of Bath Research Group

The History of Bath Research Group was founded in 1986 with the objective of bringing together historians who were actively engaged in research in the Bath area. Many of the members have published on different aspects of local history (including studies in the Journal Bath History) and have given papers at meetings or contributed in other ways.

Next Meeting

  • Recording Bath's Cemeteries
  • St. Mary's Church Hall, Bathwick
  • 10-Sep-2018
  • 07 : 30 : PM
  • Philip Bendall
  • An illustrated talk on the reasons for recording Bath’s cemeteries, other initiatives in the past and the approach that has been taken in the 10-year project to develop a searchable index encompassing over 50 graveyards/cemeteries. Also covered is the 19th century crisis in Bath’s graveyards and the emergence of ward-based cemeteries and the information that arises from the records and the surveys.

The principal activities of the group are:

  • To carry out academic research on the history and development of Bath
  • To meet regularly – usually monthly – throughout the year
  • To hear of the work of other members of the Group
  • To invite other researchers to speak on subjects relating to Bath and its locality
  • To organise study visits to localities in or near Bath
  • To support individuals and organisations with an interest in Bath history
  • To help to ensure that Bath archives are maintained and developed for the future