Launch of Bath History XV

Of this edition Jackie Collier says "The content of this volume has a predominantly eighteenth-century flavour, including articles which examine the amusements and the consequent pleasures (and dangers) offered by Georgian Bath. These were presented by Steve Poole, Matthew Spring, Linda Watts and Cynthia Hammond at the Georgian Pleasures conference, held in Bath in 2015. Following the Georgian theme, Duncan Campbell writes about eighteenth-century silversmiths, while Kevin Grieves provides a detailed account of Bath newspapers during the same period using digital technology to map their circulation. Diane 13running and Stuart Boydell span the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries with articles which examine local/national figures Richard Warner and George Colebrooke. Peter Davenport's article, an archaeological examination of the medieval St Mary de Stall, which remained in use until 1593, focuses on an earlier period in the history of Bath."