Visitors are welcome at the meetings, for which a small donation of £2 is suggested.

There will be an allocation of 15 minutes at the beginning of each meeting for "notes and queries" from members. The objective is to allow members to do the following:
  • Give a brief discourse on an item of research that they feel could be of interest to members but which doesn't merit a full talk. The maximum length of each contribution will be 5 minutes.
  • Allow members to pose queries that would help them with their research and where members may be able to contribute.


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Title: Recording Bath's Cemeteries

Venue: St. Mary's Church Hall, Bathwick

Speaker: Philip Bendall

Synopsis: An illustrated talk on the reasons for recording Bath’s cemeteries, other initiatives in the past and the approach that has been taken in the 10-year project to develop a searchable index encompassing over 50 graveyards/cemeteries. Also covered is the 19th century crisis in Bath’s graveyards and the emergence of ward-based cemeteries and the information that arises from the records and the surveys.

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Title: History of Cross Manufacturing

Venue: St. Mary's Church Hall, Bathwick

Speaker: Rodney Cross

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Title: The Vineyards - Development of a Georgian Terrace

Venue: St Mary's Church Hall, Bathwick

Speaker: Patrick Rotheram

Synopsis: Vineyards is a varied terrace of Georgian houses close to the centre of Bath that was developed by Thomas Omer and Thomas Jelly in the 1750s. This talk discusses the history of the site, the process by which the houses came to be built, and their uses.

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Title: The raised pavement and vaults in the Vinyards

Venue: St Mary's Bathwick Church Hall

Speaker: Rhys Brookes