• Bath History

    Bath History has been published since 1986. In these volumes, leading academics and local experts have contributed to our greater understanding of this remarkable city, examined in its local, national and worldwide context.

  • General Publications

    Publications about Bath's history..

  • John Wood Articles

    Recent researches by the group shed new light on John Wood and his life and family. A series of papers will be published over the coming months to reveal some outstanding discoveries about him and his ancestry.

  • Reviews

    Occasional reviews of books on aspects of Bath's history.

  • Surveys of Old Bath

    The Survey produced from 1994 to 2017

  • Trevor Fawcett Papers

    Trevor was a founder member of the group and a major contributor to work on the city.

  • Bath Historical Directories

    We have also digitised Bath's Directories from 1790s to the 1930s'